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Seygen has been providing exclusive services consulting with our clients on strategic software solutions for their business needs.

Application / Solution Architecture

Seygen believes in investing time to understand and identify the right architecture prior to building any application. For existing applications, we provide a short-term and a long-term road map for an application.
Applying the right tool is part of solving the puzzle. This involves reviewing a"Build v/s Buy" decision. We provide our clients with the options and recommendations that enable them to select the right tools taking into account their cost v/s risk factor.

Custom Application Development

Applications built using multiple platforms and technologies provided our clients cost-effective solutions for their business needs.
We have expertise in :
  • Building large scale, mission-critical clustered applications for Telecom companies that handle thousands of transactions per hour.
  • Building platform-relevant or platform-agnostic applications on J2EE or Microsoft .Net using business process management (BPM) engines and business intelligence tools such as Rules Engines and Report Generators.
  • Providing the human interface on multiple platforms including computers and mobile phones.

Our solutions are built on frameworks appropriate to the size and complexity of the business need - this includes application on J2EE space using Spring, Struts, Grails and in Microsoft space using ASP.net and C#.
Some of our solutions included built dashboards and reporting solutions based on client needs integrating applciations with commercial reporting tools and custom solutions.

Program Management Office

One of our most important offerings to our customers is consultancy for project and program management. We provide business analysis and strategic recommendations for your long-term goals.
We provide detailed analysis reports, status reports and pro-active recommendations for keeping your projects and program on schedule and under budget. We provide tracking for financials at program and project levels and alerts for potential over-runs thereby ensuring maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

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