Seamless Integration Solutions for Telecoms

For effective operations, telecom organizations need to integrate systems that don’t always talk with each other. This integration is especially critical as product and activation orders are moving from one application or functional area to the next, including third-party systems such as OSM, ICOMS, OMSe (now Ericsson Order Care), and others.

At Seygen, we have nearly 20 years of experience serving telecom organizations, with specialized expertise in the development of integration applications and solutions. One powerful aspect of our solutions is that we’ve already written much of the code from the lowest level up – allowing for far more efficient programming.

Additional Benefits of Our Approach

Whether it is activating a single line for a residence, or hundreds, even thousands, of lines for a business customer, your success depends on reliable integration across the enterprise. We bring an in-depth understanding of the business challenges telecoms face, and sophisticated, effective solutions. We’re ready to help.

Looking for seamless integration ready off-the-shelf?

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