Intuitive, Highly Capable Tools for Monitoring Orders

The typical telecom organization has hundreds, if not thousands, of orders flowing through on any given day. While most of the orders are processed without incident, it is not uncommon for certain messages to get “stuck” somewhere in the system, which can lead to missed appointments for installations or service calls, avoidable customer complaints, and damage to the organization’s reputation, among other issues. REQUEST DEMO >

To meet this need, we’ve developed our Business Process Monitor as a core component of our SMX Gateway Platform. Based on your business requirements, we can configure our monitoring solution with signal interfaces for each gateway in your system. 

Our Performance-based Dashboard Features

In short, our Business Process Monitor gives you the granular level of insight you need to ensure that messages are flowing freely through your system. You get actionable insights into any problems that arise, so that you can address them quickly and effectively.

Need a performance dashboard for real-time insights?

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