SMX Gateway Platform

Greater Control and Efficiency at the Core

At Seygen, we provide sophisticated technology solutions for organizations in telecom and other industries. Our flagship solution is the SMX Gateway Platform: an advanced technology stack built on Java/J2EE built to operate on COTS application servers. Capable of supporting Oracle or MySQL environments, the SMX Gateway enables organizations to optimize communication and collaboration among such functional areas as order management, provisioning and activation, billing, and support.

Unlike other solutions that emphasize larger, more complicated development and programming, we’ve purposely built our SMX Gateway platform in smaller, robust components. We’ve also written the code from the most basic level up, enabling far more efficient programming and easier maintenance. REQUEST DEMO >

SMX Gateway Platform Provides a Wide Range of Benefits Out-of-the-Box

Our SMX Gateway technology can be configured to operate in critical places within the organization infrastructure to help maintain operations at an optimal level. The result is a significant boost to efficiency and ROI and significantly lower cost of operation.

Want to integrate legacy systems to new technologies?

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