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From automating order flow to adding product lines to regulatory updates, we’ve done it all. Scale without losing messages, avoid downtime and outages and prevent upset customers. Get a bulletproof telecom order management platform. 70% faster than other solutions at 1/3 of the cost.



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This guide covers the benefits of a scalable and customizable telecom order management system, the challenges telecom companies face, and how to overcome them.


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Introducing SMX Cloud: Seygen’s Enhanced Cloud-Enabled API Integration and Automation Platform

Seygen offers businesses the powerful combination of its server-based SMX API Integration Platform with the agility of cloud-compliant solutions.

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Leading the Charge: Thought Leadership Insights for Embracing Automation in Telecom

Technology leaders play an important role in shaping how business process automation is perceived and implemented within telecom organizations.

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Breaking Down Barriers: Key Challenges in Implementing Business Process Automation for CSPs

While BPA offers transformative change for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), implementing it raises a set of challenges to overcome.


Built Ready for Telecom. Adaptable. Scalable.

Built for Telecom

Built ready for telecom, our framework integrates off-the-shelf with telecom order management and billing systems. Refined for over a decade, we continually build in new features and test to ensure smooth, scalable integration.

Easy to Customize

Our products are easy to customize. With more business logic, you can configure it exactly to your needs. Fastest time to market with a more adaptable architecture so you can skip the expensive engineers.

Decades of Expertise

All we do is order management – LSR, ASR, trunk ordering and more. Trusted by small to enterprise telecoms, we’ve worked for 20 years alongside engineers and product teams at Verizon, Charter, and others to scale their order management capabilities.

Bulletproof Platform Built to Avoid
All of the Hassles Telecom Carriers Face.

Message Exchange

Integrate legacy systems to new technologies. Streamline message delivery from ordering to provisioning to billing across telecom systems. Our message exchange platform supports multiple message protocols with content-based routing.

Workflow Management

Everything you need in one tool for scalable enterprise integration. Telecom order management is complex with multiple systems, processes and departments. We support workflow processing, including MACD (modify add change & delete), and all aspects of the order process.

Business Monitoring

Collect, analyze and report business process metrics in a performance dashboard. Holistic view of business flow translating data into business intelligence with powerful tools to dig deep for actionable insights.

Proven Results for Enterprise Telecoms

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Deep Telecom Expertise and Consistent Follow Through… I’ve worked with Seygen for years on a number of highly successful communications projects. Their combination of deep telecom expertise, strong work ethic, and consistent follow through allow them to deliver solutions that more than meet our requirements. Highly recommend them to others – and have – without hesitation.
– Cathy Mabe, Sr. Technical Analyst (retired), Time Warner Cable/Charter Communications

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