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Our team brings extensive order management expertise to deliver faster to market and more cost effectively than our competitors. We collaborate with global telecoms to regional telco operators, healthcare to logistics, and ERP clients. We integrate with your product and technology teams to deliver the order management solutions you need to solve legacy integration, message exchange, workflow management, regulatory compliance, and more.

Kiran Emani

Solutions Architect and Technical Lead

Kiran Emani is the solutions architect and technical lead for Seygen. His blend of technical innovation and practical experience ensure our customers get the right technical solutions that address their business needs. He is responsible for the product architecture of Seygen's core products in the API integration and telecom order management space and oversees delivery of product customizations for our clients. Kiran also manages Seygen's offshore development and operations teams.

Kiran has 30+ years of experience in telecommunications working at various multinational companies, including Fisher-Rosemount (now Emerson) and Capgemini. His expertise has evolved alongside the industry with extensive experience building SIP Gateways and scalable order management solutions in wholesale and retail domains for major telecoms, including Verizon, AT&T/SBC, Time Warner (now Spectrum), and Charter Communications (now Spectrum). Kiran has extensive experience working with both Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS).

Kiran holds a master's degree in computer science from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering from Mumbai University.

Tom Sinatra

General Manager

Tom Sinatra is the general manager at Seygen – managing Seygen’s projects and resources within the company. Built on his technical background and years of telecom project management experience, he ensures customer projects are delivered with minimal impacts and the highest quality.

Tom has 35+ years of experience in telecommunications starting at Bell Labs in Middletown, NJ on the technical staff developing various telecom solutions. In the early 90s, he worked at Beachwood Data Systems managing projects for the NYNEX business unit. Before leaving Beachwood/Capgemini, he was the division delivery manager responsible for overseeing the planning and management of all projects within the business unit. In 2000, Tom went to work for CommTech, building solutions for the CLECs to enable them to enter the telecommunications market. In 2005, Tom was promoted to vice president of development at VERO (who acquired CommTech) and was responsible for overseeing the various least cost routing switch provisioning products supporting both North American and European dial plans.

Tom holds a bachelor of science degree in mathematics with a minor in physics from Stockton University.

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