SMX API Integration Platform

Automation and Integration Between Systems

At Seygen, we provide sophisticated technology solutions for clients that rely on robust API integration platforms.

The SMX API Integration Platform makes it simple to seamlessly connect and exchange messages within technology systems like an order management system (OMS) – between modern and legacy systems, even between disparate systems that use different messaging formats.

Once implemented, organizations can optimize communication and collaboration among functional areas such as order management, provisioning and activation, billing, and support.

Unlike other platforms that emphasize larger, more complicated development and programming, our SMX API Integration platform is built with smaller, robust API integrations and transformation logic to improve your message exchange.  REQUEST DEMO >

SMX API Integration Technology

Seygen offers a seamless shift to the cloud, enabling existing clients to transition from server-based licenses to a more cost-effective solution effortlessly. With our comprehensive migration resources, expert services, and tailored solutions, we ensure your business’s smooth digital transformation.

Benefits of SMX API Integration Platform

Our SMX API Integration Platform ensures your IT systems remain independent from changes that may occur in interconnected systems. Your single system will be easier to maintain and update when your business needs change.

Want to optimize message exchange and automation in your OMS?

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