Ensuring Accurate and Timely Billing

It is hard to overstate the importance of effective billing systems in a telecom’s operations, and in particular, the ability of billing systems to coordinate and share information with other systems. At Seygen, we’re experts at developing and implementing the gateways that enable effective transmittal of messages sent to the billing system, and from there, to systems downstream.

Consider the problems facing a telecom with legacy ordering and billing systems that aren’t integrated well. Until disconnects are resolved, customer billing may reflect inaccurate charges — and that’s a problem whether they’re being billed too much or too little. Another problematic scenario is when a telecom’s ordering system delays communicating to the billing system that a job is complete. In such cases, billing can experience delays that can potentially impact revenue and cash flow.

Other Examples of Billing System Issues We Resolve

The good news: Regardless of the type of billing issues your telecom may be facing, you probably don’t need to rebuild your system. Instead, we can extend the life of your legacy system with effective solutions that improve coordination and communication, and enrich incomplete information so it can continue to flow through your system.

Looking for solutions to improve timely billing?

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