Workflow Automation

Powerful Solutions for Managing Complex Workflows

Automated workflows are crucial for communication service providers (CSPs) who handle hundreds of thousands of telecom orders each day – especially for customer-facing processes. Both our ILIOS order management platform and SMX Gateways API integration platform are uniquely designed with flexible automation and order management handling that optimizes the most complex workflows.

Our first step in solving telecom order management when building a custom OMS is to map out all of the order workflow architecture and review manual processes to identify automation needs. These initial steps ensure that our solution creates a fully automated and sustainable workflow. The technology in our platforms is already pre-built with data connectors and APIs integrated with a lean and efficient approach. Our seamless technology stack requires only the client’s specific business requirements to ensure a successful implementation. LET’S DISCUSS YOUR WORKFLOW REQUIREMENTS >

Our Platforms Provide Rich Out-of-the-box Capabilities

For organizations that process large quantities of work orders, we provide smart, resilient solutions and management tools that ensure a more efficient workflow and more reliable communication and collaboration across the enterprise.

Need a solution to automate and streamline complex workflows?

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